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Hello and a very warm welcome to Rebecca LaChance Art & Photography.

This is a brief overview of what you can expect to find here on Rebecca LaChance Art & Photography. Our grand aim is to put heart and soul back into your photography while growing your photography business.

Heart, Soul and Mastery

If you're like me, you've "been around the block" a time or two.  You may have had a successful career or two (or three or four). And you know there is more to life and creativity than work, effort, overwhelm, fear and struggle.  You want to feel your unique spiritual connection in every aspect of your life - including your art & photography. And you want to master your photographic skills because it is your creative calling.

You've found the right place!

Together, we'll explore how to bring our hearts, our souls into our photography.  We'll explore the mindfulness, spirituality, and philosophy we can bring to our art.

Danger! You may learn far more about me and yourself than you ever wanted to know!

"Storytelling Portraits" for Mature Women

As a woman of a certain age (yes, that would be me) I think I have a pretty good understanding of what the mature woman wants in a portrait. She wants to look like herself on her best day.

She wants her wisdom to be seen, her core essence felt.  Those are the things I strive to include in every portrait.

And, I work with you, the mature woman, to construct a portrait that tells your specific story; a story to share with your children and grandchildren.

New To Photography?

The best place to begin is with our free downloadable guide.  You can download "5 Tools You Need: Be safe, be comfy while starting night photography" by clicking here.

You can also download "Photography 101 - a mini-course".  This is an ongoing series that will walk you through learning how your camera works to producing the beautiful prints to hang on your walls! 

And, all kinds of tutorials are in the works - just for you.

Want To Grow Your Business + Profits? 

You can follow the steps I've used to grow my art & photography business.  I share what I've learned, what I've used successfully and where I've struggled in the business process - just to make it easier for you!

There will be many posts for you to dive into, to help you to grow and love and enjoy your business. After all, why have a business if you don't enjoy it? Categories range from marketing your photography both online and offline,  gorgeous inspirational interviews, reviews, even assisting you with your motivations, procrastinations, and your well-being as a soulful photographer.

And if you desire a little extra help - you can work with me!  You have the option for coaching, when I will work with you 1-on-1 to boost your business.

I can’t wait to watch your photography business soar!

Need some Artwork?

You can find Fine Art Prints in the Gallery Shop.  Occasionally, you will find Exhibition Prints for sale.  These are prints (or original paintings) that have been in exhibition and ready to find their "forever home".

Don't know what is the appropriate size artwork to match your space? Click on over to the FAQ and take a look at the helpful Photograph Size Guide.  And, if you want to see what a print looks like on YOUR walls with YOUR furniture, send me an email and we'll take care of that for you. 


Thank you for joining the journey!  I look forward to our time together.


Hi! I'm Rebecca.  I want you to have the most satisfying, joyful experiences with your art & photography business that you desire!  Photo credit, Erin Blackwell

Hi! I'm Rebecca.  I want you to have the most satisfying, joyful experiences with your art & photography business that you desire!  Photo credit, Erin Blackwell